FC Humber United Community Foundation – FCHU Community CIC – Company No: 13270543

Our Community Foundation is a CIC organisation which sits alongside the Ltd company ownership of FC Humber United.

Welcome to FC Humber United Community Foundation

FC Humber United Community Foundation, harnesses the power of sport to motivate, educate, inspire and support people throughout the Humber region.

Our fantastic group of staff work tirelessly behind-the-scenes with the Community Foundation’s dedicated Board of Directors and Trustees on the wide range of programmes delivered by the foundation to change and impact lives. Teamwork is at the heart of our success.

The FC Humber United Community Foundation aim to assist in transforming lives and improving the confidence, health, wellbeing and life skills of thousands of children, young people and adults of all abilities.

If you would like further information about any of our Community Foundation sections, please email Marc Brown – marc.brown@fchumberunited.co.uk