According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) by 2030, Mental Health will be the biggest global burden on all heath care systems.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand on mental health services in the UK has increased hugely and the need for services higher than it has ever been.

Talk Tonight – Selby CIC is passionate about reducing this statistic and elevating some of the pressure put onto our local services.

Talk Tonight – Selby C.I.C is a peer-to-peer support group for members of the local community who are struggling with their mental health, or care for someone with a mental illness. We are a low-level service provider run to plug the ever-increasing gap that occurs between diagnosis and treatment.

We provide a safe space for people in Selby, and the surrounding areas, to come together and support each other, and encourage self-help. We aim to promote the wellbeing of our members through peer-to-peer support and by providing social interaction and mentally stimulating activities without judgment or prejudice.

Through talking about their issues with people who understand their battles, our members can open up in a safe and relaxed environment at their own pace and in their own time: no pressure, no gimmicks, just compassion and understanding.

We meet up every Tuesday evening to talk about whatever it is that is affecting our mental health and to gain support from others. Through creating links with other member, we create an additional layer of support for those who are finding it hard.

We live by the phrase that “Talking Save Lives” and we work hard to promote mental health awareness through our Group, Social Media, Website and Fundraising and reduce the stigma that surrounds this illness…

We are really excited to be an official fundraising partner of FC Humber United and are looking forward to working alongside them for the 2021/22 season as well as well into the future.

This is a massive opportunity for Talk Tonight – Selby CIC to continue to make a difference. With mental health still being a taboo subject in sport, it is another way to break down barriers and get people talking about the unspoken illness and unfortunately, in some cases, a silent killer.

To find out more about us or to join in please contact us on any of the below


Whatsapp: 07308 949403
Facebook and Instagram: Talk_Tonight_selby
Twitter: @talktonightselb