FC Humber United are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Stockport based charity Stroke Information.

More information about Stroke Information can be found below, please also visit the website www.strokeinformation.co.uk

Stroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience. We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact us and share your stories and experiences. We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary.

Nick Clarke from Stockport in Cheshire was in his forties embarked on the biggest journey in is life after 10th September 2012. Nick a would be joiner by trade tried to follow in his Dad’s footsteps as his parents have always been an inspiration providing guidance and support along the way. Nick always wanted to be a professional footballer and he almost achieved his dream by playing for Stockport County, donning those famous dressing rooms with greats such as Frank Worthington, Danny Bergara, Kevin Francis, Mike Flynn, Lee Todd, Jim Gannon, Andy Thorpe and even George Best…It wasn’t the first time he would be stepping on George’s famous wizardry feet as Nick also graced Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC and believe it or not, also dabbled at Old Trafford even to face the fear of knowing what it feels like to take penalties at both of these premiership football grounds.

Nick, a family man to his Wife & 2 children, (names not mentioned to protect the innocent) realised he was never going to make it in the game so he decided to listen to his Wife’s advice and get some computer skills behind him and worked for large companies such as the AA, Pipex, Cable & Wireless, aspired to be a property telecoms professional who did things a little differently and always had time for his fellow colleagues either above or below him, Nick never approached anyone with the ethos that anyone was better than the other, moreover that everyone had a place in this life, again building on the respect that his close family had taught him so well. Despite being a strong family there was never emotional struggle to far away with the loss of his grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins and a few friends a long the way, all gone to soon but never forgotten, Nick’s sister who was born deaf in this emerging world where deafness was not a common disability as always the family moved on with great strides and ready to face whatever was thrown upon them, well that was until the morning of Monday 10th September 2012……When the Stroke Struck…..and a new challenge lay ahead.

As well Nick, the founder of the charity, we are able to do what we do by having a great team of directors / trustees of the charity, Susan, Peter, Margery, & Tim. We have a FREE weekly drop in facility which is open to anyone to attend. The location is in the centre of Stockport, 23 High Street SK1 1EG, to be exact.   It is a fully accessible building and the kettle is always on. The drop in is exactly what its meant to be, a drop in facility, i.e no appointment necessary. So come along, you would be very welcome.

Official Patrons announced……..Actor and Star as BOB in Nativity and Nativity 2 Ben Wilby, Gordon Hill ex Manchester United Footballer (Other teams are available) & Liz McColgan, the former BRITISH Commonwealth & World Record holder- Michelle Wheatley a Stroke Survivor who became locked in at the age of 27.

April 16, 2021