With continued efforts to fulfil our ambition off the field and our endeavours to progress and thrive at this level, FC Humber United are pleased to officially announce the addition of Danny Lydiate to the Club’s backroom staff. We welcome Danny in joining FC Humber United as Club Development Officer, thus offering a fresh and vibrant outlook on the off-field aspects; providing an alternate ideal to how the Club wishes to progress, we feel Danny identifies as an ideal addition moving forward in progressing the Club. 

In welcoming Danny to FC Humber United as Development Officer, the main focus will be supporting the Club through three key areas detailed as follows; liaising with the Chairman and Director of Football in expanding the match day and non match day volunteer focus. Advertisement and expansion of the FC Humber youth system and the advertisement and increased output of Community Foundation activities. This we feel will prove beneficial in moving forward as a Club over the coming years. 

With the recent announcement, the Club’s Director of Football Marc Brown shared his thoughts on the newest club additions moving forward; “As a club we have been looking for someone to assist us off the pitch to help us grow going forward. We have some really exciting projects going on behind the scenes that we will hopefully be able to announce soon, but we need support to take us to that next level.

Since getting involved at the club, Danny has got involved in many aspects, from photography, setting up and clearing up on match days to even fixing the floodlights. When we were looking at the new role as Club Development Officer, Danny stood out for us. He’s a football man, he understands it and isn’t shy of putting the time and hard work in to benefit the club, not just for the season, but for the future as well.

Initially Danny will help us bring more volunteers on match days, assist with generating money for the club as well as getting involved in other projects we have going on including a junior section and our Community Foundation. I wish Danny the best of luck in his new role and I am looking forward to seeing more results of his dedication to the club.”

In addition, Danny commented on joining the Club; “I was approached about being FC Humber United Club Development Officer and for me it was an offer I didn’t have to think about. Since I started volunteering for the club, I have developed a great relationship with all involved and have enjoyed my varied roles within the club including photography, occasionally being the announcer at home games and helping set up and close on match days. 

My interest in developing myself further in the game I love so much has not gone unnoticed with Rich and Marc as we’ve often speak about the club, the team and my personal goals. I am keen to learn and hope I can help the club fulfil their desires on and off the pitch.”

With the recent additions implemented, the club very much look forward to working alongside Danny as we move forward with our Northern Counties east campaign. If the early indications are anything to go off, then there is know doubt the club will thrive not only at this level but show progression in future seasons. For further information, we extend an opportunity to all in viewing the club’s official website: fchumberunited.co.uk

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

December 12, 2021