With continued efforts to fulfil our ambition off the field and our endeavours to progress and thrive at this level, FC Humber United are pleased to officially announce the launch of a new club partnership with Chrysalis. This will see the club work avidly alongside Chrysalis in their continued efforts within the community, offering a vital support network to all members of the community in dealing with their mental health and suicide prevention.

This latest announcement from the club, is a partnership which all at FC Humber feel passionately about and will play a huge part in our continued growth in the months and years to come. In a new partnership developed by the Club’s Development Officer Danny Lydiate, Chrysalis will continue their amazing community work and subsequently integrate with FC Humber and become much further engaged within the club, FCHU Community Foundation and FC Humber’s academy, ultimately becoming a beneficial partnership for both FC Humber United and Chrysalis.

In continuation to the new Club announcement, recently appointed Development Officer, Danny Lydiate shared his views; “Having attempted suicide and suffering from mental health problems for many years it was a charity that has personal meaning for me. Mental health and suicide in men has been a largely unspoken problem in football until recently, so this will be a great opportunity for us both.”

Chrysalis Representative, Adrian Cunningham added: “It is with great pleasure to announce that we will be working alongside Danny Lydiate development officer at FC Humber united. This is a great opportunity for both organisations to work together for the good of the community. Chrysalis prevention of men’s suicide is a newly formed charity receiving charity status on the 9th April 2021.

Adrian, the founder of chrysalis, was a phone listener for the Samaritans at the Doncaster branch and has worked in the charity sector for over ten years. Suicide is the largest cause of death for men under the age of fifty. A lot of men find it hard to talk about their feelings and keep their emotions to themselves. Suicide in men is one of the biggest killers in the UK. Chrysalis runs support groups for men aged thirty-four to fifty-five in Yorkshire. 

Suicide is a subject people avoid talking about, people don’t like to admit to the times they’ve felt suicidal and this silences a huge factor behind the shocking statistics right now. Six thousand deaths were recorded and seventy-five percent of them were men. We need men to speak out and ask for help and not be silent.” Our motto is #itsnotweaktospeak and our Man Down support group runs every Wednesday starting from the 5th January. To find out more contact us on 07825732859 or through our website: Chrysalispreventionofmenssuicide.co.uk

With the recent news implemented, the club very much look forward to working alongside Chrysalis as we move forward with our Northern Counties east campaign. If the early indications are anything to go off, then there is know doubt the club will thrive not only at this level but show progression in future seasons. For further information, we extend an opportunity to all in viewing the club’s official website: fchumberunited.co.uk

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

December 22, 2021