FC Humber United reach new club landmarks from our recent fixture against Worsbrough Bridge Athletic on Saturday 4th December 2021.

The new club landmarks are as follows:

300 Goals Scored – since the 2016/17 season the club has scored 300 goals. Luke Sidaway’s goal against Worsbrough Bridge brought up the landmark of 300 goals scored in all competitions. The club has played 180 games to reach this landmark record.

4500+ fans – since the 2016/17 season the club has seen 4549 fans pass through the turnstiles in 137 NCEL League games played. In all competitions and 180 games played we are just 13 fans short of reaching the 5000 attendance landmark, with our next home game on Saturday 18th December this landmark will see us pass this record.

1000+ fans in 2021/22 season – our game against Worsbrough Bridge also brought up over 1000 fans attend our 12 home games so far this current season. With 8 remaining home games to go we hope to see many more fans attend our fixtures this current season.

December 5, 2021