FC Humber United are delighted to announce that for the coming 2021/22 NCEL football season, the club will play its Home matches at the Fairfax Plant Hire Stadium, Selby. This will see the club share grounds with fellow NCEL outfit, Selby Town. FC Humber United Club Chairman, Richard Smales, is delighted to confirm that a deal has been agreed between all parties involved, forging a path that ultimately enables first team football for the coming season. In discussion, Richard shared his thoughts on the news;

“It is a relief to have this agreement confirmed for us to play our home games at Selby Town for the 2021/22 season. I would personally like to thank Dave Haddock and his team at Selby for the swift decision and confirmation to work with us for the up-coming football season.

We set out with the task to locate a suitable ground in the City of Hull and following months of wasted conversations, negotiations and simply astonishing responses, it left us with no option but to look outside the City. The lack of football facilities in a City the size of Hull for Step 6 and above is quite appalling really but I won’t comment too much on this as it will go on for far too long to write.

This led us to learn of an exciting multi-million-pound sports development which will be taking place in the coming years and situated within the Humber region, a development we are very much wanting to be part of long term and for the club to call ‘home’ which fits nicely within the Humber region. Understanding the situation and with time frames tight we made a proactive decision to call upon our friends at Selby and discuss the situation for which Dave Haddock was fully supportive and we are all extremely grateful of his support for the club to continue for the 2021/22 season.

Thanks once again to Dave Haddock, Selby Town and the NCEL for being supportive of our club and plans over the last few months.”

In further discussions on the news from the clubs, Selby Town’s Interim Chairman, David Haddock added his views on the ground share arrangements;

“We are extremely pleased to be able to help and support FC Humber United in finding a home with us for the season ahead. Football isn’t just about what happens on the pitch, it’s much more than that, it’s about family – especially at this level when we are all facing the same challenges on a daily basis. As a football family we need to work together and support each other, because we are all ultimately working toward the same aim, and that is to provide quality, affordable football to our communities.

It’s an exciting time for Selby Town Football Club and we’re glad to be able to share our journey with FC Humber United and we wish them all the best for the season ahead.”

Off the back of this momentous news for the coming season, and on behalf of everyone at FC Humber United, we would like forward our thanks and appreciation to David Haddock, Selby Town Football Club and the NCEL for their support over the past months and therefore green lighting the deal ahead of the 2021/22 NCEL season. Furthermore, we look forward to working with everyone involved with Selby Town in the coming months and playing the beautiful game with the support of the fans at the Fairfax Plant Hire Stadium this coming season.

We extend an opportunity to all, in viewing regular updates and other information on the club’s official website: www.fchumberunited.co.uk

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

March 27, 2021