FC Humber United are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Klubfunder. This partnership will see the club work avidly alongside Klubfunder in raising much needed funds for the club. Through the official Klubfunder site and app, this will enable FC Humber United in setting up much needed revenue source through the launch our very own Club Lotto & Fundraising games i.e. Last Man Standing and a Euro 2020 score predictor. 

We extend an opportunity to all, in viewing the FC Humber page via the official Klubfunder website: https://www.klubfunder.com/Clubs/FC%20Humber%20United

In discussion, Klubfunder’s Marketing and Partnership Manager shared his thoughts on what will prove a grand endeavour moving forward; “We’re really happy to welcome FC Humber United onto the Klubfunder platform, they’re a prime example of the type of Club we can help, and we look forward to working closely with the organisation, helping them to realise their potential via fan engaged Fundraising” 

In continuation, FC Humber are delighted to extend further opportunity to all staff, supporters and the wider community a general background into what the club’s new partners are all about;

KlubFunder is a platform that helps clubs raise funds, save money and reduce administration tasks. The platform has been developed by a Belfast based software company called Stiona Software. The aim of KlubFunder is to provide clubs with fundraising services and marketing support to assist them in raising additional funds online. 

It’s an extension to the fundraising activities that clubs are doing today. Most importantly the fundraising services on KlubFunder are FREE for clubs to use, there are no set-up fees and KlubFunder charges no commission. Instead KlubFunder.com generates its revenue from product sales, advertising and sponsorship, keeping it free for clubs to use.

In general terms, the following aspects of Klubfunder provide all club’s a stable platform to build upon;

  • Secure payment system 
  • Membership & Registration 
  • Fundraising Games
  • Club Lotto / 50-50 Draw
  • Event registration

Off the back of the club’s recent news, FC Humber are delighted to have formed this new partnership with Klubfunder and very much look forward to working closely with them in the future. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks upon each fundraising section being launched via the club’s official website; www.fchumberunited.co.uk.

May 11, 2021