FC Humber United are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Stadiuum Group. This will see the club work avidly alongside Stadiuum in providing stable and consistent social media content and subsequently providing the club, the fans and the wider community a stable news outlet directly from the football club. 

This latest announcement from the club, will see the FC Humber partner with this global sports network in providing a number of services such as SocialCast, which will allow the club to provide a more consistent social media posts. FanRaise, which will enable supporter memberships and NewsCast which will allow us as a club in providing a central place for all club and sports news for the fans and the wider community. 

In discussion, Club Chairman Richard Smales shared his thoughts on the importance of the club’s new partnership; 

“With all the work we have accomplished at the club already, the news of partnering up with Stadiuum is another huge part of the jigsaw coming together behind the scenes at the club and with official partnerships like this one and working together with likeminded and ambitious companies. By having Stadiuum as FC Humber’s newest partner, will become a very beneficial partnership in providing the club a stable social media and news platform, we very much look forward to working with the club’s latest partnership in the coming months as we will hopefully be announcing a sponsorship package with Stadiuum Group in the coming weeks too”

In continuation, Stadiuum CEO Lindsay Gray offered his thoughts on the new partnership formed with FC Humber United; “It’s great to be working with FC Humber United and assisting the growth of the club through our Stadiuum Group platforms, we know how hard it is to grow from nothing and it’s great to see how we are helping make FC Humber United into a fantastic football club”. 

Furthermore, the club are delighted to announce the launch of our new partnership with the Stadiuum Group and extend an opportunity to all in viewing a brief introduction on what Stadiuum are all about;

We are a company in its genesis yet have already established a global footprint. With an exciting journey ahead, our aim is to improve how fans connect with Sports via news, media and content – while simultaneously supporting all facets of Sports Media and Live Sport.

We believe we are the future of sports content management, experiences and fan engagement for businesses across all sporting codes and continents. Fans are the lifeblood of all sport, and we will unite them from all corners of the globe. STADIUUM will house all the action, the people and their stories while delivering truly personal sporting experiences.

We represent the next step forward for sports fans. We will partner with all facets of the sport and media industries, supporting organisations, teams and individuals in achieving their goals. We will become a future-proofed pillar of support for sports media and live sport business.

Sport is at the very heart of STADIUUM & parent company STADIUUM Group, the very core of our DNA. We believe in always embodying the passion and excitement intrinsic to sport in our company, the magic of it is invaluable & unmeasurable. We will continue to create and nurture a connection between technology & sport – always keeping a fixated view on industry problems and applying technology & innovation to solve them.

On a final note, everyone within the FC Humber United network look forward to working closely with the Stadiuum Group over the coming months in providing the best possible platforms for all our supporters and the wider sporting community. 

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

May 16, 2021