Off the back of recent managerial appointments, the club have sought out a steady ship in moving forward with our Northern Counties East campaign and subsequently have sought out the captaincy positions after perhaps a turbulent period. The club are delighted to announce the Captain and Vice-Captain in moving forward for the remainder of the season. Therefore, It is with great pleasure that we call upon Craig Allen as Club Captain, with Szymon Czubik accommodating FC Humber’s Vice-Captaincy role.  

Moving forward as a club, we very much look forward to Craig leading the team through the coming season, utilising his extensive knowledge of the game combined with his commanding presence on and off the pitch. With Szymon engaged in the vice-captaincy role and supporting the skipper through his own personality and leadership style, FC Humber are confident of having the right mix leading the club going forward. 

With recent announcements coming forward, Craig Allen offered his thoughts on taking up the Captaincy in moving the club forward; “First of all I want to thank Luke for selecting me as captain. For those who are unawares, I am Craig Allen, business owner, Dad and FC Humber captain. I have always lived my life to get the best out of myself and the best out of others, I’m extremely competitive and I expect the same from all of my teammates. Before I joined, I captained Hemingbrough United for the past 5 years and want to bring all of my experience to this new talented team. 

My aim will be to get the best out of each individual in the team. I plan on leading by example in every game, we all have something to prove at this level, hard work and putting your all into each game should be a given. This team is capable of competing with the best in this league and we don’t plan on being down at the bottom for long. Vice Captain Szymon is a great lad and a very good footballer. I think between us we can strike a good balance with getting the most out of this team.”

Subsequently, Szymon further added to the skipper’s comments outlining his role as Vice-Captain; “It’s an honour to be a vice captain alongside Craig who’s a new captain of the club, I will make sure that myself and Craig will do everything to help lads and the club to go forward and start picking up points and grow as a team together.”

With the recent additions implemented, the club very much look forward to working alongside Craig and Szymon as we move forward with our Northern Counties East campaign. If the recent indications are anything to go off, then there is know doubt the club will thrive not only at this level but show progression in moving forward as one. For further information, we extend an opportunity to all in viewing the club’s official website:

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

October 8, 2021