In continuation with recent news on the managerial change here at FC Humber and in continuing attempts in a constant endeavour to learn, adapt and move forward. Therefore, the club would like to reiterate the welcome additions of Luke Herriott and Paul Reed to the coaching staff as we move forward with our northern counties east campaign and our endeavours progress and thrive at this level. 

As all have become aware, we have welcomed Luke in joining FC Humber United as first team manager alongside Marc Brown, thus offering a fresh and vibrant outlook on the management of the club. However, we extend our welcome to assistant manager, Paul Reed who will provide further knowledge and experience of the game in support of Luke and Marc Brown’s already extensive wealth, which will be beneficial to the club in conjunction moving forward.

In discussion, Paul shared his thoughts on joining FC Humber; “I’m delighted to join the club alongside Luke and Marc. After talking at length with Richard & Marc about the club, the journey it has been on, and the journey it wants to go on, it made it a no brainer for Luke & myself. The challenge ultimately this season is to make sure the club avoids relegation. The NCEL is a very tough competition, however we feel we can bring our experience within the game to ultimately achieve the short term goal of staying up. Long term, the club has an exciting future, with Luke joining up and helping the club hand in hand with the foundation project, it enables us to develop young players and gives opportunities to source local talent. Ultimately, we want the club to kick on at first team level, that will be down to us, on the training pitch bringing our ideas and philosophy on how we want to play.”

Paul then added comment on what he feels he can bring to the club; “I feel I bring experience to the management team, I am a very open guy with staff, players, fans & volunteers. I will always make time for people, my man management skills are something that I have been praised for through my managerial career. I’ve worked with Luke now for a number of years and we have a fantastic working relationship but also very good friends out of football. The club can expect us to give every bit of our energy and determination to ensure we achieve our short and long term goals.”

In continuation, Paul added comment on how it all began in football and subsequently coaching; “I’ve played football from a 5 year old boy, as a centre half, unfortunately for me, a serious leg break cut short my playing days. I played my football in Sheffield. I went into management quite quickly after that, with my local Sunday side. That’s where my real journey began for me. We achieved great things and won a serious amount of trophies, I took to it very quickly. My managerial success was recognised and I got offered a few roles, managing at step 7 and then joining up with Luke at Step 6 & Step 7. Nowadays I enjoy being the number 2 so to speak, I get the chance to assess more, take a step back, advise and I get to be more hands-on with the training sessions.”

In conclusion, Paul added comment on his ambitions with the club moving forward and subsequently his personal ambitions as a coach; “Me and Luke are ambitious, we both share a winning mentality and from a young age we always dreamed of playing or managing at the highest level we possibly can. The vision for us is to take this club as far as we possibly can take it. With Marc alongside us, I’m sure we can bring success to the club.

Again as mentioned previously, I’m a determined guy, ambitious and just love the beautiful game. The ambition is to keep on developing as a coach, you learn new things every day. Ultimately it’s to keep working on our badges and keep pushing ourselves to become better every day.”

Furthermore to the recent additions implemented, the club look forward to working alongside Luke and Paul as we move forward with our Northern Counties east campaign. If the early indications are anything to go off, then there is know doubt the club will thrive not only at this level but show progression in future seasons. For further information, we extend an opportunity to all in viewing the club’s official website:

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

October 5, 2021