In our final interview of the week we get to know our newly appointed Commercial & Marketing Manager, Adam Shire. Here Adam outlines his background and thoughts for how he will look to develop the clubs Commercial/Sponsorship and Marketing elements.

How pleased are you with the feedback from the club rebrand?
So far I think the clubs rebrand has gone exceptionally well. I think getting Dean Windass’ support was always going to be beneficial to connect with the people of Hull and I’m glad that people can see the club is heading in the right direction but it’s only the start of things to come!

Given the response on social media to our new club profiles, how pleased are you with the stats and follower numbers?
In the current climate the number of followers we have gained are great especially when there is no football being played! It shows a bright future for the club that so many people are aware of our presence. 

How do you foresee the club progressing on a marketing perspective?
The club has a great deal of potential and with the optimism around at the minute I think it’s imperative that we act upon that, engaging with local businesses and most importantly the local community. It is important to remember where the club has come from in the past few years. With the rebrand which we have conducted and the new and unique content which we have planned I feel it’s an incredibly exciting time for the club! We have lots of exciting visual content planned and can’t wait to share the journey of FC Humber United

How can we stand out from all the other clubs in our area?
How can we stand out? A question which every marketeer is asked but the predominant way is by being authentic and being consistent. With the content we have planned which has already been alluded to, the club will be like no other club at the same step in non league. From the branding to the communication this is only the start for FC Humber United. 

What plans do you have on the commercial & sponsorship sections?
Commercially the non-league pyramid is somewhat of a minefield with clubs all looking for financial support wherever. At FC Humber United we want to put the sponsors first as we understand what a difficult year it has been for businesses by building a number of robust packages which provide a return on investment for your business! We need to move away from just the traditional sponsorship packages and will be providing digital sponsorship packages which will mean your business is seen by eyes consistently across all of our social media platforms!

How important is it to be adaptable for sponsorship in an ever changing business world?
The past year has changed business like nobody could have expected so as a club we feel that we have also had to adapt. The nature of COVID has driven business online and that’s where we want to support your business driving traffic towards your social media, websites or any online digital presence which you have! The beauty of it is we can even display how individuals have visited your pages so we can provide you more than simply how many people who came through the gates on a match day!

How will our digital partnerships help attract a variety of sponsorship?
The digital partnership as already mentioned is unique and I have only seen it executed effectively in the football league! We are looking to move along with the times and give local businesses the option for growth. The packages suit a whole range of businesses as followers of FC Humber United come from a vast range of backgrounds! There is no one size fits all we have options for one man bands all the way up to large corporations!

What can businesses expect by having a partnership with FC Humber United?
By having a partnership businesses can expect to be seen by people across the non-league fraternity with a club which is on the up! We anticipate a great deal of positive press and also growth in a short period of time so it’s a no brainer to get involved! We have a range of small business owners involved in the club and we know how tight money is at the moment so we will endeavour to do all we can to ensure a return on investment for you!

What are you most looking forward to when we are able to return to playing football?
Match Day! There’s nothing better than a match day and being able to properly engage with our sponsors. All the work off the pitch is important in providing the club with the best possible basis which to build for but ultimately, we are all looking for success on the field!

February 26, 2021