Next up is our Director of Football, Marc Brown who answers the questions for everyone to understand further his background and role within FC Humber United.

Your thoughts on how the rebrand has worked out?
I think it went really well. We were always going to get a few negative comments but on a whole it was positive and made it all worth while. Obviously a lot of work was put into it by the team so it was great to finally put it out there.

How can you see this having a positive impact on the local and
wider community?

As our plans are put into place people will make their own decision on us, but one thing i can promise is that we will give it our all to achieve our goals of becoming more than just a football club. There is a big focus on building that network with everyone within the community and make people feel welcome. We want to create something special people can connect with and feel part

As Director of Football what is your role within the club?
Its a role you don’t see very often at this level and I am sure a lot of people will question it. Something I have found in non league football is that its a very small percentage of time the Manager can actually focus on his main role, there is always several other jobs involved. My role is to provide a direct link between the board and the management and give Mark the platform to give his full attention to the job in hand. This will give him and the players the best opportunity to meet our targets.

How will you impact the ongoing development of the club both on
and off the pitch?

On and off the pitch its about us making sure we all work together to make sure we maximise everything we have and keep pushing each other to that next level and target. We have a blank canvas which makes it easier to implement the changes. I will be looking to use my experiences and contacts. Its going to take time and alot of hard work but we are more than ready for it!

How do you feel the off pitch management team is coming along
ahead of next season?

We have a really good blend of youth, experience and ambition, Its been really good working with likeminded people and having a bit more of a modern approach to things. I think we now have the foundation to start to attract people to the club but they have to be the right people that buy into what we are looking to achieve, not just any chancer!

Do you have any further ideas/additions in the pipeline?
For those that have already seen on the website the Community Foundation and Academy partnership will be a massive part of the club going forward. The aim of the Foundation is to really establish ourselves within the Community and create a hub for people. The Academy will give players a clear pathway and give players an opportunity to maximise their potential. I am sure there will be other ideas going forward that will be revealed in good time.

What is the part you are most looking forward to when football

Like many others, football has been a large part of my life and this last 12 months has been very difficult on and off the pitch. I am looking forward to just being able to watch live football, be in the changing room with the lads and just the whole matchday really. I just want to get going with everything we have planned on and off the pitch.

Final message to our new followers?
Get involved, enjoy it and join us on the journey!

February 23, 2021