Our first interview with newly appointed First Team Coach, Kevin ‘Simo’ Simpson. Find out more about his role within the management team and how he is planning for the new season to start.

Your thoughts on the recent rebrand of the club?
I think it’s an excellent decision by the club to rebrand. The club just before Christmas were hit with a huge blow not knowing if the club would survive. Rich has come in and straight away following meeting him at the Winterton game he wanted the club to stay in this league and make it work. I think lockdown, as much it’s tough on us players not been able to play football has given the club the opportunity to spend the right amount of time to get this rebrand up and running. Huge credit goes to Rich, Mark, Marc and Adam Shire and their hard work in creating FC Humber United. I have single handedly seen some of the plans that have gone in and its an exciting time for the City and it would be excellent for everyone to get behind the football club.

Your new role as First Team coach, how did this come about?
Well I was just having a few chats with the gaffer and Marc Brown after the game on Boxing Day and I just mentioned I would love to get into coaching at this level at some point once I stop playing. The gaffer has got an unbelievable passion for the game. The attention to detail he puts in to a game, after the games, on a training pitch is something that will only help me. I want to progress into management so I can really learn from him and understand the game even further. It was a fantastic opportunity of which I couldn’t turn it down when I got asked.

Have you always wanted to go into coaching after playing?
Yes, as I said previously it’s always something I intend to do once I finished playing whether at amateur level or at this level. I love the game and am very passionate about it.

Will you still be playing alongside supporting the Gaffer?
Yes 100%, I have always said as long as I can stay fit and the gaffer still thinks I can still contribute then I will play for as long as I can and that won’t ever change. I will know in my own mind when my time is up and I just then move into the coaching role full time and move into the next stage of my career.

Outline your role as First Team coach?
To be absolutely honest me and the gaffer haven’t really spoken in depth about the role. We have spoken about me taking some of the sessions once we are able to get back on the training pitch which I am keen to do. We have an exciting bunch of good hungry lads willing and wanting to do well and work hard to make it at this level. As club captain I’ve got a lot of experience in terms of leadership both on and off the field and I’m sure he will just want me to use that experience to keep an eye on the lads, keep them grounded and focused on the job in hand and rest assured I will do this to the best of my ability both as club captain and coach of this football club.

How have the players been keeping together as a group through lockdown?
It’s been really good. To say we literally are a brand new team we have had some great conversations in the group chat. I set the lads some challenges whilst in lockdown to keep everyone fresh and ready. I have just set up a weekly zoom call with everyone so we are getting there, as with everything it will take time. Our new S+C coach Joe will join us shortly for a few sessions so it will be good to see who has been doing what they should be doing. I’m sure our new physio Heather will have her work cut out after a few sessions.

What is the part you are most looking forward to when football returns?
Just being back amongst the boys and training, playing games and finally getting a season over the line. Its been a tough year which effectively has been two seasons lost. We are all eager to get back and get back to normality and when that day comes will be one hell of a celebration.

As you plan for next season is there anything else you will be looking to bring in to support the lads?
It’s going to be important to stick together, do things together as a squad so I will be looking to put on a few team night outs and activities  (I’m sure everyone will need it once we get out of this pandemic) so no doubt a few sensible sessions will be planned. There are plenty of lads in this team that will have a few ideas so I may have to delegate that out.

Final message to our new followers?
Its an exciting new chapter for the club with some passionate people behind the scenes who want this to work and will make it work. We want to build a club for the people and the City of Hull and all I can say is get behind us, enjoy the journey.

February 24, 2021