The first interview from First Team Manager, Mark Maspero as he outlines his thoughts on the football club and plans for the future.

What’s your thoughts on the new club image?
I think football clubs should be at the heart of communities. We want to represent the Humber, giving local players the chance to flourish. A fresh start with ambitious people that represent the values of Hull. 

How has the new club rebrand been taken within the playing squad?
The squad has really embraced the rebrand. They can see the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes and the professionalism that we are starting to install. You can really feel the excitement amongst them and the eagerness to get going. 

How has things progressed with the squad and what are you doing to keep them occupied during the lockdown?
The squad is taking shape, we have a good number of players with some real quality.  8 weeks ago we didn’t have a single player, we are now having conversations about possibly starting up a development squad. It has been really difficult over lockdown. The majority of the squad has still yet to meet face to face and gel. We have the obligatory WhatsApp group and Zoom meetings but we need to get together to build up those bonds. 

Any further plans for the team before next season starts?
We have done a great deal of recruiting and will continue to add quality. But I really want to develop the psych and social side more. Developing a club couture an ethos and a style of play that matches the club image. 

How are you developing the Management Team?
This is coming along very well. We recruited Heather who is our club physiotherapist back in December and have since added an S&C coach and a scout. We would also like to work with local institutions for sports psychs, analysts and social media students.

What are you most looking forward to when football returns?
For me it’s about getting on the grass again to coach. Getting our style of play across. Getting to know the players socially and finding out who the characters are in the dressing room. 

Thoughts ahead on the overall development of the club since you’ve come in?
The development has blown my mind. From the first week of having to recruit 15 players to play on Boxing Day, to now having enough players to start a development side. The rebrand has been a huge success and has been greeted with nothing but positivity and I know there are still one or two huge announcements to come. There is nothing but positivity and inspiring ambition around the club. 

Final message to fans?
Jump on this band wagon, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.
February 25, 2021