FC Humber United | Getting to know Rafael Matos 

Delving further into the club’s personnel behind the scenes, FC Humber’s ‘Get to know’ section is pleased to showcase the club’s latest First Team Coach to join our ranks, Rafael Matos who has recently joining FC Humber United in preparation for the coming 2021/22 NCEL season. We recently caught up with our clubs new coach, to gain an insight into the footballing world. 

In discussion with Rafael, we began with his background on which he had this to say; “At 30 years of age I’m a company director/electronics engineer, I run RM Racing Electronics, a brand of electronic parts for motorsports, we develop, manufacture and sell all sorts of electronic modules/parts for racing cars, amateur and entry-level motorsports. Looking at my history within football…As a kid/teenager I played for my local town club in my home country Portugal, the club is called ”Grupo Desportivo Gafanha”. As a young adult, I have helped a friend that works as a football agent/intermediary, taking care of football players that came from abroad, this gave me a good knowledge of how the industry works and allowed me to see some clubs from inside and hear some very interesting stories and meet some very interesting people.

Since I moved to the UK, I had the idea of getting involved with football coaching or talent ID, so I have done some training courses such as introduction to football scouting, talent ID level 1, football intermediary, FA Level one for football coaching, FA level 2 for football coaching (need to finish my last in situ visit). I have coached at Finningley harriers, Ricall united, almost started at Thorne colliery as an assistant coach that didn’t go forward due to covid and now hopefully will do a great season at Humber United.”

How did you get into the art of Coaching & what chose you to get into the game?

“I started coaching after doing my FA level 1 and my scouting and intermediary courses, Football was already a passion and I played as a teenager, so after moving to the UK I thought this was a great way of meeting new people with similar interests and becoming part of something.”

Moving forward with our discussions with FC Humber United’s newest club member, the following questions were brought to Rafael’s attention, to gain further insight into the footballing world, more specifically the coaching aspects..

What, do you feel is the best thing about being involved in football?

“The opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, the opportunity to develop my-self while helping others to improve and achieve their own goals is for me the most important thing.”

What are your ambitions in work?

“In work and in life I’m a person with very well-defined goals and dreams, I like to compete so the fact that I’m involved with a team that plays a very competitive league for me is great, I want to keep working on my FA levels and any other courses that I can find while experiencing and learning from others on the pitch.”

Please share your thoughts on joining FC Humber, outlining your role & responsibilities moving forward?

“This was a great opportunity, I have worked with Marc Brown before and we share similar ideas and we have similar goals and ambitions, we get along well so he invited me to be part of this project, obviously the club need people that can show a high level of commitment and I always told Marc that I was ready for that, I plan to grow on the club and help with anything is required to take the club to the next level.”

When coaching player’s, what method do you feel work’s best? 

“I don’t feel there is a method that works best, I think this has to be looked case by case, taking in consideration the age of the player and their history as football players, the league we play, the facilities we have and also the number of sessions, the best method is the one that makes the players happier and motivated, a bad player when motivated plays better than a good player without any motivations, we have seen this before over and over. Obviously, I have my own ideas….”

How do you feel your position as a football coach can beneficial in non-league club, in particular at FC Humber United?

“I think I can make a positive impact on the club by bringing my view of the game to the club, my full commitment and loyalty and my will to win, maybe on the future if the club grows, I can coach another team on the youth development phase and prepare players that can play on the main team, there is a lot of possibilities and ideas of how me and the club can benefit from each other.”

On a final note, would you care to share any specific advice for any aspiring football coaches?

I think the first step is to have in mind what type of teams/players you want to coach, are these kids? Are these young teenagers, or adults? This is very important, not everyone has what is required to coach and interact with this very different group ages, and this can dictate the beginning and end of your career as coach very soon.

I believe that is also very important to do as much courses as possible and try to follow the FA guidance/DNA as much as possible BUT keep an open mind and check what is being done around the world, create your own exercises/drills, don’t be a copycat coach and most important, ask for feedback, adapt your sessions according to the feedback you get from your players, as I mentioned before if the player likes your sessions and is motivated, he will play twice more, twice better!

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

April 7, 2021