FC Humber United are delighted to confirm the latest addition to our backroom staff, Aimee Rathbone has joined FC Humber as Club Secretary and Business Manager. Aimee will be working behind the scenes, offering the club support in our continued growth on and off the pitch.

In discussion, the club’s newest member took the opportunity to give us an insight on her background and subsequent thoughts on joining FC Humber United;

“My background is Finance. I currently work in an Accounts department for a security firm as well as running my own mental health support CIC, alongside my husband. I am passionate about raising the profile of FC Humber United, the Foundation and the Academy, as well as providing links to mental health support and knowledge.”

The club welcomes Aimee, whom is seen as a fantastic individual who will be instrumental to FC Humber United’s long term progress, her connections and network will be invaluable to the club in expanding and advancing the clubs reach in the community. In discussion, Club Chairman Rich Smales shared his thought’s on Aimee joining the club;

“I am delighted to welcome Aimee to the club, this is once again another huge step forward in the right direction for us as a football club and business structure behind the scenes. I know Aimee will bring fantastic support to us off the pitch alongside her enthusiasm to help establish ourselves further within the community. We once again continue to think outside the box as Aimee’s work with Talk Tonight Selby CIC will be invaluable to the support of every angle we work on at the football club.”

In continuation, Aimee will provide the club with much needed support with our continued efforts within the community and our exciting plans to be worked on over the coming months and years. The club’s Director of Football, Marc Brown shared his thought’s on Aimee’s appointment with the club;

“This is another sign we are getting things right and starting to head in the right direction off the pitch. Following a video call with Rich and Aimee it was clear to see the passion and enthusiasm Aimee has. We said from the beginning we wanted to work with like minded people who are open to change and to doing things differently. Aimee comes on board as Business Manager at the club which gives her the opportunity to get involved with many aspects of the club and really put her stamp on things. It’s a welcome addition to the club as we continue to build on and off the pitch.”

Off the back of the recent club announcement and on behalf of everyone at the club, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Aimee on joining the club. Furthermore, we very much look forward to supporting and working with Aimee in the coming months, enabling us further build on our foundations allowing us to move forward and progress the club to a position we feel it should be.

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

April 19, 2021