The club are delighted to announce experienced coach Shaun Newton, as the new Head of Youth Development at FC Humber United.

Upon joining Humber, Newton said, “I think what FC Humber has achieved already is incredible in such a short space of time. The club’s ethos and ambitions align very much with my own and I look forward to help implementing them into our local community”.

Shaun has a wealth of experience, coaching for 15 years strong now. His career began in Southampton, where he gained his qualification managing a local youth team there. The team went on to go the whole of his first tournament in charge, without conceding a single goal.

Following this and a move back to Hull, Newton became part of North Ferriby’s rise, coaching a team in their youth section. Over a period of seven years, he guided Ferriby to a couple a tournament victories and multiple promotions. Newton has also been involved with Hessle Sporting’s development team.

Shaun is far from one dimensional, with a background of refereeing and coaching in futsal as well. “I also coach players on a one-to-one basis, helping them hone their skills. My skill set is to get the best out of all people, helping them realise their potential while bringing groups together”.

Newton has a firm belief in creating a positive team environment both on and off the pitch and has a passion for helping people realise their full potential.

“Over the years I have worked with some fantastic players and coaches that helped me to hone my skills in good working environments. Not only in football but in the workplace”, Newton said.

One of Newton’s primary focuses, is to get players of all ages enjoying their football. Another is to educate and provide a clear pathway to the first team and beyond.

“It is my belief that a club can only sustain success if its roots are strong. This club has the potential to set standards and lead the way in youth development for the area.” Newton asserted, eager to make his imprint on the club.

Outside of football Shaun works for the NHS, juggling this with his sports and fitness business.

“In my business, we help to give people the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle and create long term achievable goals. This includes personal training, injury management and sports coaching. I have been able to bring together a group of professionals and create a team that can support all of our clients’ needs”.

Much like football Shaun is insistent that everybody needs to come together to achieve a shared goal. He hopes to bring everybody’s individual skills together, to be successful.

Shaun brings passion, drive, and ambition in bucketloads and represents everything the club stands for.

Welcome to FC Humber United Shaun Newton!

February 1, 2022