Stemming from the reluctant news received, the club have had to move with the beautiful game and continue all attempts in a constant endeavor to learn, adapt and move forward. Moving forward with our northern counties east campaign, the club endeavors to progress and thrive at this level. Therefore, the club is pleased to officially announce the additions of Luke Herriott and Paul Reed to the clubs coaching staff. 

We welcome Luke in joining FC Humber United as first team manager alongside Marc Brown, thus offering a fresh and vibrant outlook on the management of the club. Bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience from his time in the beautiful game, we feel Luke identifies as the ideal candidate moving forward in leading the coaching staff and players moving forward.

As an extension from this latest club news, the club would also like this opportunity in welcoming Paul Reed who will subsequently move to become FC Humber’s assistant manager. Having worked alongside Luke Herriott for several years, the club feel Paul’s knowledge and experience of the game along with Luke’s will be beneficial to the club in conjunction moving forward.

With the recent announcement, Club Chairman Richard Smales shared his thoughts on the newest club additions moving forward; “It’s great to welcome Luke & Paul to the club, we’ve spoken at length about what is required and ultimately, it’s to achieve safety in the league this season. We know it’s going to be tough but also feel confident in the coaching setup alongside the continuity that Marc Brown offers that we can achieve this goal. Proof will always be shown in results as that’s what football is all about on the pitch. 

Off the pitch we will be working closely with Luke to further develop the Community Foundation side of things and have a lot of exciting plans to be put into action over the coming weeks. We must now look to build on this solid start and continue to develop as a club each week. I’m sure everyone will now get behind the lads to show your support for the rest of this season and push us on to achieve staying up in the NCEL division 1.”

In further discussions, Luke shared his thoughts on joining FC Humber; “I am excited for the opportunity to join a club such as FC Humber that has great ambition, not only on the pitch but off it too. Coming into the club, I feel our main objective initially moving forward is the need to stabilize the club on the field by making the side a complete unit and become a solid unit and subsequently become hard to beat. I also feel that being at FC Humber will bring me a lot of opportunities to show that I can succeed as a manager, but, from an off-field perspective I feel this next chapter can bring about success, within the club’s community foundation through our footballing community programme to the club.”

Luke then added comment on what he feels he can bring to the club; “I feel that joining the club, I will bring a wealth of experience that has stemmed from playing around the semi-pro level for many years. I know the league. I understand how teams think and how these teams go about their business. The management team and I will look to set the club up as close to professional as we can. I will also aim to get the players playing to their full ability and succeeding at this level of football.” 

In continuation, Luke spoke on how it all began for him in the world of football and how he got into the sport and coaching; “As a young boy I was obsessed with football and at the age of fourteen, I had a private coach teaching me to become a true professional at the game. Two years later, I received my first professional contract with Mansfield town. After playing for three years at the club, I started to lose the feeling of playing football and seeing the coaching side of things better. It was then, I set up a coaching business aimed at working with children in schools. Getting to the age of twenty-six, I decided it was the right time to move into management. From then and having built myself and my business to what we are now, I believe that I can succeed and take my coaching and management skills to as high as I want to achieve.  In joining FC Humber, I want to build as a club and have many years of success.” 

Luke offered a small insight into his aspirations with the club; “My thoughts on taking the club forward, I feel is best to start by setting the correct foundations in place, to then provide the club the tools in which it needs to make FC Humber a club to be known throughout the football leagues.”

Luke added further comment on the experiences from his first week at the club, adding in his thoughts of the squad’s response to the training from himself and Paul; “The opening week at the club has been tough. I watched the game Tuesday night and losing in such an important game was hard to take. But we have put a plan together and made a few changes to the team. We had to make some hard decisions with players. But as a manager these are the things you have to do, however, we go again and hope to gain the three points Saturday in what I see as a must win game. In response to the squad, the players have responded well to the change and training went great. So, we hope to take it all into Saturday’s game. The squad has had to take our changes in quickly and in training it seemed to work well. Saturday will be a big test with the changes we made, but overall, the lads knuckled down in training and took things on board.”

In conclusion, Luke added a short indication of his ambitions moving forward as a coach and with FC Humber; “My overall ambitions will be to take FC Humber through the leagues pushing myself and the management team to the limits. And we won’t stop until we achieve this.”

With the recent additions implemented, the club very much look forward to working alongside Luke and Paul as we move forward with our Northern Counties east campaign. If the early indications are anything to go off, then there is know doubt the club will thrive not only at this level but show progression in future seasons. For further information, we extend an opportunity to all in viewing the club’s official website:

Tom Devereux  Media Executive  FC Humber United

October 4, 2021