Selby Town secured a league double over FPH Stadium tenants FC Humber this season thanks to a 4-0 win on Tuesday night.

An early first half penalty from Liam Flanaghan was enough to separate the two sides as Humber were arguably the better side heading into the break. An offside goal chalked off from Adam Baskerville and a handful of half chances should have had Humber level.

Selby started the second half the quicker side and found themselves 2-0 up, the second goal of the game was always going to be the most important as Selby took control of the fixture on 55 minutes through Harry Clapham.

Shortly afterwards a second soft penalty was awarded to Selby and Liam Flanaghan converted his second and Selby’s third of the evening on 63 minutes.

Just five minutes later the final goal and probably best of the evening completed the scoreline as Henry Rollinson smashed in an effort from the edge of the box to make it 4-0 to Selby.

Over the two competitive fixtures this season there has been 14 goals scored between both sides and counting our pre-season friendly the total goals scored in all games comes to 24! Fans of both sides have certainly had their money’s worth in our games.

Onto our final two games, both at home, to finish the season as we host Parkgate on Saturday and Hall Road Rangers on Tuesday 12th April.

April 6, 2022