FC Humber United continued their Pre-Season campaign with an away fixture against humber premier league outfit, Hessle Rangers. 

Prior to the opening whistle there’d have perhaps been a small hint of caution heading into the tie, from FC Humber United after their stern test against an established Selby Town last time out. However, upon the commencement of the game, it soon became clear of a professionalism about their game instilled through vigorous training sessions, subsequently FC Humber settled into the game early on and began going about their game in a calm and composed manner. 

An early spell of pressure from FC Humber soon paid off, when Louis Blackwell danced round the Hessle defence, before slotting home a tidy finish into the bottom corner in the tenth minute. FC Humber’s lead could well have been doubled two minutes later, Louis Blackwell on the offensive once again, however his effort on goal fell just wide of the post. 

Upon establishing themselves well in the early stages, FC Humber did not let up in their efforts, subsequently applying further pressure to the Hessle Rangers defence. Their perseverance would pay dividends in the fifteenth minute and a corner for FC Humber, Ben Clowes would rise above the rest, firing his header home for 2-0.

As the opening half wore on and with a continuation in their calm and composed approach, FC Humber’s confidence grew and developed a couple decent opportunities to extend their lead, yet were denied by the Hessle keeper. However it wasn’t long before the lead was extended, Eddie Wileman found himself in possession at the edge of the Hessle box, tucking his effort away effortlessly just prior to the half hour mark. 

FC Humber’s lead was extended once more just past the half hour mark, Brandon Burke adding to the score sheet with a lovely effort from the edge of the box. Hessle 0-4 FC Humber United. However, minutes later the hosts would pull a goal back from the penalty spot, a well taken penalty sending keeper, Aiden Smith the wrong way. 

Despite an brief spell of pressure from the hosts after the penalty, FC Humber endured, regrouped and restarted. Despite the conceded penalty, FC Humber never really faltered in their efforts and even enjoyed a late spell of pressure themselves as the half came to a close. 

HT: 1-4

The opening opportunity of the second half fell to the hosts, with a dangerous free kick to the Aiden Smith’s right, resulting in a cracking effort fired just wide of goal. However, FC Humber capitalized almost instantly, Harry Watson with a blistering run down the right flank, his delightful cross found an unmarked Louis Blackwell whom fired home. 5-1 FC Humber in the forty seventh minute. 

With their confidence renewed, FC Humber’s composure flowed once more in the early stages of the second half, and could well half extended their lead further when Louis Blackwell fired an effort over the bar in the fifty first minute and experienced forward, Eddie Wileman found himself amidst a scramble in the box two minutes later, but was unable to get a shot off. 

As the game reached the hour mark, Brandon Burke found himself free on the edge of the box to the keepers right, he makes no mistakes in securing his second goal of the game with a sublime curling effort, putting the ball away to the keepers left. 6-1 FC Humber. 

Despite conceding a sixth, Hessle offered the FC Humber their own spell of pressure minutes later, yet the team rose to the challenge subduing the hope of a second Hessle goal. However, FC Humber were not done in their efforts, resetting once more after a brief spell from their hosts. With a composed professionalism seeping back into their ranks, FC Humber ultimately extended their lead again in the sixty fifth minute through Cam Hall, a thunderous effort from near thirty yards out. 

Goalkeeper, Aiden Smith produced a fine save as the game passed seventy minutes, getting down well to his right fending of a low long ranged effort from the Hessle attack. FC Humber soon turned their defensive efforts into attack, scoring their final goal of the afternoon in the seventy fifth minute. George Brown extending FC Humber United’s lead to 8-1.

As the fixture entered it’s final stages, there proved no let up in FC Humber’s performance, remaining on course for well deserved victory. However in the final minutes, Goalkeeper Aiden Smith produced back-to-back saves out of the top draw to deny Hessle Rangers. Ultimately, the game would reach it’s climax with FC Humber coming away 8-1 victor’s. A fantastic effort from the lads, very much showcasing what a team they can be. 

As It Happened

Calm, Composed & A Collective Effort

The second fixture of FC Humber’s pre-season, showcased the strength in unity from the team. Offering a calm, composed in their gameplay, moving the ball round the park in style. FC Humber United were solid at the back and offered the Hessle defence a torrid time through their attacking presence. 

It was truly a calm, composed and collective effort from the squad as previously witnessed in FC Humber’s inaugural fixture at Selby Town. The fixture also offered Mark Maspero an opportunity to further instill his methods and provide opportunity for the player, especially those returning from injury much needed game time. 

From Defense to Attack 

A secondary fixture for FC Humber United, the squad offered a solid defensive display despite conceding a late first half penalty. The squad absorbedthe pressure from Hessle Rangers well, when it was warranted and managed the game to full effect, dominating in possession at times and ultimately shutting out their opposition. 

In continuation and focusing on the opposing end of the spectrum, FC Humber were very composed in their build up play subsequently causing numerous problems for their opponents. Thus, their calmness and composed approach enabled the squad to create numerous chances and in all honesty, very little was wasted when facing goal. 

Post-Match Thoughts

Overall thoughts on Hessle test

Speaking in his post-match interview, Club Manager Mark Maspero offered his thoughts on the club’s pre-season fixture at Hessle, outlining his delight on what proved a really good run out for his FC Humber side. 

Mark then spoke on the opportunity the fixture presented, in providing some valuable minutes into the legs of players returning from injury, and the intention for the players to show understanding of the learning we did on the training field this week.

Positives from the game 

Further to his post-match interview, Mark then picked up on the positivity that came from the fixture, outlining that despite conceding a penalty deep in the first-half, the squad offered up a solid defensive display and were very much compact and behind the ball.

Subsequently, Mark added his thoughts on FC Humber’s endeavors in making it difficult for Hessle to play through the club. Adding a final note, outlining the squads continued efforts In possession, being the squad were more composed and patient throughout, and as a product of their controlled possession were able to create some good opportunities. 

Key aspects work on through continuous training

Heading back to the training ground, Mark outlined the despite a successful afternoon away to Hessle, there’s still work to be done; offering his desire on the squads efforts whist out of possession, outlining the requirements to press better once we are compact. 

Furthermore, Mark then spoke on how some of the lads are still doing too much on the field and subsequently spoke on the requirements in trusting oneself and the players around you better. In conclusion, Mark added that in possession, the squad are still working on decision making through continuous training. 

Taking away from the game

Finalizing his post-match interview, Mark Maspero offered his final thoughts, outlining that the test against Hessle Rangers, offered the squad a good opportunity to dominate their opponents and get out some patterns. Subsequently, this will assist the squad in their decision making when up against tougher opposition, such as Thorne Colliery this midweek. 

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

July 12, 2021