In his post-match interview, Club Manager Mark Maspero offered his thoughts on Tuesday evening’s defeat at the hands of Worsbrough Bridge. It was a disappointing evening losing 5-2, especially after Saturday’s fantastic win! 

What are your thoughts on the game and where did you feel it went wrong?

“Too many individual errors. We can’t afford to give teams 4 goals and the extra man for 45 minutes. We have to learn from our mistakes quickly or we will struggle. I’m not sure we are preparing correctly. But that’s for us coaches to rectify.”

Heading into Halftime at 2-0, it could quite easily have been double that if not more; How did you approach your halftime talks in resetting the squad as such? 

“I think it was Worsbrough’s poor finishing that spared us of a complete humiliation. We made two changes at half time but if we could, we would have changed at least 8 or 9. We talked about areas we had to improve on and we had to follow the game plan. Then 30 seconds into the restart we concede another goal and get a red card. Unbelievably naive. “

 Thoughts on the early second half penalty; Do you feel the ref was right to send off Tom Micklethwaite-Charles? 

“TMC has clearly put his arm out towards the ball. He has to be sent off. Does he know Ewan is in a better position to deal with it to his right? If not, why not? Is the movement towards the ball instinctive or a decision? Unfortunately, he will now miss a game and has given a chance to someone else.”

After going down to 10-men; How do you feel the squad responded? Signs of an increased work rate, as to be expected?! Substitutions, Eddie looked good going forward? 

“We did play better with 10. As is the case, you play with more freedom and less pressure as the game is gone. Eddie gave us a different option when introduced. He is great when running at players with pace and power. I enjoy watching him in full flow.”

Despite the end result; Do you feel there’s any positives that can be taken from this? 

“The positives are clear to see. If we stop making basic errors in our defensive 3rd we can compete. We know not to take risks in these areas. Without these school boy errors we win 1-2.”

We’ve now have a full week to prepare for next Tuesday’s Cup Tie at Home to Hall Road Rangers; What do you feel will be the driving force behind training sessions?“We have to revisit what is expected from a player playing in this league. How do we prepare for games and how do we manage games?”

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

August 5, 2021