In the club’s inaugural competitive fixture, the Pre-Season opener most certainly offered a stern test against an established NCEL outfit, however despite what the outcome may suggest, FC Humber have much to take away from the tie as the club learn and move forward as one. 

The game began openly with probing attacks on the defensive lines, though it would be Selby who looked the more dangerous and were first to settle into the game. It soon became clear, Selby’s Number 9, Harry Clapham would offer the FC Humber defence a torrid time and the early Selby pressure paid off as the home side found themselves two up within the opening fifteen minutes. 

That lead would soon be extended through a Gracjan Klimczak goal on the twenty-minute mark; however, Louis Blackwell soon pulled a goal back for FC Humber seconds later. 

With the majority of FC Humber’s youth playing their first minutes at this level, the team began showing signs of an eye-catching side full of composure and professionalism. Thus, FC Humber would count themselves unfortunate when Selby found the net for a fourth and fifth time. Harry Clapham and Gracjan Klimczak made it four and five-one respectively, as the game past the half hour mark. 

However, FC Humber would respond well in their attempts to showcase their efforts, George Brown made it 5-2 with another decent FC Humber goal on thirty-five minutes.

With both sides continued battle on the pitch, the half would come to an end with Selby the better of the two sides, although FC Humber’s potential was beginning to seep through onto the pitch. 

Despite an early second half goal from Selby’s Flynn McNaughton, it soon became evident of the team FC Humber can be, they soon took charge of the game. An exceptional showing of composure and professionalism began to flow in front of the two hundred and forty strong crowd. 

FC Humber’s movement on and off the ball opened the game up, their attacking presence became more prominent as the minutes passed and despite the odd patch of pressure from the hosts, FC Humber’s defence offered a more solid output. 

As the second half entered it later stages, both sides offered signs of good football yet FC Humber remained on top and their composure paid off in the seventy fifth minute, when FC Humber new boy Szymon Czubik opened his account for the club. 

Ultimately the game would come to an end with Selby Town the victor’s, however with the tie being FC Humber’s first, there was much to take away from it as the club learn, adapt and move forward. 

As It Happened

Testing the Water 

A Pre-Season opener for both FC Humber and Selby Town, the game offered an opportunity to test the proverbial water and identify where the club are in terms of competitiveness, subsequently offering the squad much needed playing time. The fixture would also offer the manager an opportunity identifying areas in which to further work and further the squad down the line. It was truly a game of two halves, despite what the score line may suggest FC Humber didn’t disgrace themselves, subsequently offering a stellar account of themselves for good periods of the game. We learn and move on. 

A Game of Two Halves

The inaugural fixture for FC Humber, was most certainly a game of two halves. The opening forty-five saw a rampant Selby Town and despite their endeavours, there were hints of positivity from FC Humber as they initiated glimpses of composure under pressure, moving the ball well thus offering an attacking threat. It wasn’t the most idyllic of first halves, but it has most certainly opened up the key factors of which the club will aim to build on as we learn and move forward. 

However, despite an early second half goal from Selby Town, FC Humber showed incredible strength and heart in bringing themselves back into the game. The second forty-five was by far the better half for FC Humber, producing a very composed and professional approach to the way they went about the game. With their heads high, it became evident what the club can be capable of and was a pleasure to watch. 

Post-Match Thoughts

Overall Views on Selby Town Test

Speaking in his post-match interview, Club Manager Mark Maspero offered his thoughts on the club’s inaugural fixture, outlining that the defeat to Selby proved a harsh reality check for FC Humber, yet despite the end result there was plenty of positivity to take away from the game. 

Mark then spoke on, despite having a relatively youthful side that have only had their first taste of football at this level, there was plenty to take away from today as the club head back at the training ground. Despite opening their campaign with defeat, Mark outlined the result will certainly prove a learning curve for the squad as they move forward in improving as one cohesive unit.

Further to the post-match interviews, Louis Blackwell offered a level headed and honest opinion on the fixture from an on-field perspective, adding that Selby are an established side at this level and despite a disappointing first half, the lads showed great heart in the second half with a much more composed approach to the game. Louis Blackwell also picked up on a few positives and negatives from the game, further outlining the learning curve and there being plenty to take away from the game.

Positives from the game

Further to their post-match interviews, both Mark and Louis picked up on the positivity from the game particularly in the second half. Both outlining that despite the early second half goal, the lads showcased a togetherness in playing as a coherent unit, having the spirit to come back and give 100%. Club Manager Mark Maspero further added to the composed second half, outlining the team’s willingness to play the ball into the right areas and far better movement.

Further to an on-field perspective, Louis Blackwell added to Mark’s previous comments on a much more composed second period. Adding that team picked up in the second half, playing with their heads up as a whole, ultimately listening to what was being said on and off the pitch.

Back To the Training Ground

Heading back to the training ground, Mark concluded his Post-Match thought’s with a few lines on the continuing training efforts as the club navigate through their remaining Pre-Season fixtures. Outlining a few pointers from the Selby opener. Mark outlined his intended aims in a continuation of growth as a team, working on levels of communication on and off the field in conjunction with gaining of understanding through instruction and the dealing with problems. Finally adding thoughts on the squads continued growth in composure and their movement on and of the ball in getting into the correct areas. 

Finalising his thoughts from the club’s opener, Louis closed out with his thoughts from yesterday and returning to the training field. The main feature from Louis was his intent in continuing efforts in playing the game through the instilled ethos initiated by Mark and the coaching team. Learning from previous experience and continually growing as a team in moving forward in the right direction. 

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

July 4, 2021