FC Humber United are delighted to announce our latest off pitch development with the addition of Tom Devereux who joins the team as our Media Executive. Take a look below at Tom’s background and comments on being involved at our football club.

“I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the the new Media Executive of FC Humber United. My name is Tom Devereux and in what began as a hobby eighteen months ago, writing the occasional “match report” on Hull City, purely for the entertainment of the fans forum, my efforts have now progressed into more than that. 
Progressing to the point, I now write my own blog, predominantly articles on the all thing’s Hull City with an occasional non league thrown in the mix. Along with the 1904atigersview blog, I’ve also joined the ranks of Outside the 92, producing content exclusive to non league football.

I’ve always contemplated the thought of being involved with a football club in some capacity, through the means of content producing. And, having made friends over these last month’s through the love of football and writing and seeing there passion and work pay off, it was hard not to turn down an opportunity of producing content for FC Humber United in aid of projecting the club to a wider audience, especially after speaking with club chairman, Richard Smales and his thought’s on what is in store for the club.”

We look forward to reading Tom’s articles published exclusively to the clubs official website. Welcome Tom


March 13, 2021