With FC Humber’s inaugural season now in full swing, the club continues its efforts in searching for new ideas and ways to further itself and apply that professional touch in our ever-present endeavour to learn, adapt and move forward; With the clubs aim to continue its efforts as a community-based club, we are pleased to offer a new branch to clubs ever building presence. 

Therefore, FC Humber United are extremely pleased to announce the partnership between Active1 Coaching and the clubs already established Community Foundation; This latest partnership between the Community Foundation and Active1 will further instil the club’s presence within an already established Community network and provide an ever-growing network.

In discussions, Assistant manager Paul Reed shared his thoughts on the recent news in what will prove an advantageous endeavour moving forward; “Luke not only brings enthusiasm towards the first team however we can now link up with his business, Active 1 Coaching, which will be working hand-in-hand with the clubs Community Foundation.

Growing our network, connections and work within schools across the Humber region is an area we are excited to see unfold here at the club. This work and support is so important to how we are looking to run the club, arguably more important than winning games of football on a weekend. Success to us is helping children achieve, stay in school and offer a focus point towards a bright career. Using the power of football and sport we help assist with the development of children across the Humber region.

It is going to be another challenge however one which we know will provide so much positivity and energy towards the club alongside expanding our brand and community projects further in the future.”

Moving forward, the club would like to extend an opportunity to all, in viewing the wonderful Foundation section on the club’s official website: https://fchumberunited.co.uk/foundation/ and in conjunction with the momentous news of the club’s partnership with Active1 Coaching; we are pleased to offer a brief introduction to the FCHU Community CIC of which Active1 will be a part of in the coming months and years:

  • FC Humber United Community Foundation, harnesses the power of sport to motivate, educate, inspire and support people throughout the Humber region. 
  • The FC Humber United Community Foundation aims to assist in transforming lives and improving the confidence, health, wellbeing and life skills of thousands of children, young people and adults of all abilities. 
  • FCHU Community CIC will consist of a number of activities with the initial focus around community engagement, building partnerships with local schools throughout the Humber region alongside holiday camps and multi-sports activities. With much more to be announced in the near future. 

FC Humber are continually open to further work within the community and look to build as many different partnerships as possible. For further information on the clubs foundation and new under, please contact foundation@fchumberunited.co.uk for further details on how we can work together.

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

October 5, 2021