With the 2021/22 footballing season just around the corner and pre-season fast approaching, the entirety of FC Humber has their sights firmly set on the challenge that lies ahead, having utilised the off season to full effect, setting strong community foundations that shall benefit FC Humber in fulfilling the club’s endeavours and aspirations, FC Humber United will strive to continue and build upon our work this coming season to ultimately progress the club to its full potential through our continued hard work on and off the pitch. 

Upon recent discussions with club manager Mark Maspero, the gaffer has offered his thoughts on the impending pre-season sessions beginning Monday, we began with Mark’s thought’s on what he is expecting upon returning; “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again after a few weeks off. I’m also excited to see the new faces we have joining us this coming week. My expectations are of 30 or so fit, hungry players turning up ready to fight for their place in the squad and ready to embrace the clubs playing style and philosophy.”

In continuation with the early sessions that will come upon FC Humber’s return on Monday, we then mulled over the gaffers thought’s on, what he’ll be working on with the club over the first few weeks; “This first week we will get the boys working on lots of technical games, giving them the opportunity to show us coaches, that they are comfortable in possession and able to read game related situations, before moving on to the tactical side of our game model.”

Upon securing a few comments from Mark on the clubs return to action, the gaffer then offered his thought’s on how he felt the pre pre-season sessions have benefitted the team prior to the club ceasing action for a couple of weeks; “It’s been fantastic for us. It has given us the opportunity to see lots of different players in different environments. We know where we are strong and what areas need strengthening. Therefore we are in a stronger position this pre-season.” Mark went on to add what he is most looking forward to seeing over the coming weeks? Finally being able to get our game model across and see the team start to bond and gel as we have imagined these last few months.

In further discussion on the club’s return to action, we touched base on Mark’s plans and if anything will differ during pre-season, in training and our upcoming friendlies; “We want to reduce our numbers to a competitive squad size and we are especially looking forward to seeing what our best 11 are and how they perform against Selby in our first game. We haven’t had the opportunity to play our strongest 11 yet and we have 3 or 4 more quality players to come in.”

In conclusion, the gaffer shared his thoughts on the importance of a strong pre-season ahead of a first ever league fixture as FC Humber United; Because of our pre pre-season, we are several weeks ahead of ourselves. We have trialled many players and are getting close to a settled squad. This will enable us to be stronger over pre season. We have some great challenges planned and we intend to be in a great position to be a competitive team from game day 1.”

Tom Devereux | Media Executive | FC Humber United

June 7, 2021