Following the conclusion of the first month for the 2021/22 NCEL Division 1 season we have acquired the following statistics for the club and players, in partnership with our club partners

Club Statistics:

The club continues to grow as each week passes, we can monitor this growth from our social media following across all our social media profiles

Twitter – 787
Facebook – 531
Instagram – 218
YouTube – 34
LinkedIn – 190
TikTok – 23

Combined following across social media totals – 1,783

We can also monitor our digital growth from our website visitors, with 4,000 visits and 8,000 page views in August showcases a solid start to the season on a digital front as our content is being viewed on a daily basis with an average of 190 visitors per day.

Player Statistics:

Now we take a look at the statistics from the players during the first month of the season, outlined below are appearances, goals & match stats from our 8 games during August.

Top Appearances

Player 1 – Aidan Smith, Brandon Burke (8 appearances)
Player 2 – Louis Blackwell, Eddie Wileman, Jamie Phillips (7)
Player 3 – Harry Watson, Owen Fletcher, Jack Gascoigne, Szymon Czubik (6)

Top Goalscorers

Player 1 – Louis Blackwell (8 Goals)
Player 2 – Cameron Hall, Brandon Burke (3)
Player 3 – Szymon Czubik (2)

Match Details

Games Played – 8
Total Attendance – 558
Average Attendance – 122 (league games only – up 90.63%)
Goals Scored – 20
Goals Conceded – 33

During the season we will be reviewing the club and player statistics each month and monitor any landmark records which may be broken over the coming months.

Take a look at our club partners website here

August 30, 2021